Propper GDPR compliant cookie notifier blinds our analytics.

So yea, we implemented changes for our website to comply to GDPR and of course that included the cookie notifier. Want thing that is essential to it is giving an opt-in option for analytics cookies, which you can see how it looks in the attached image and below you can see the fallout in analytics.


First, we figured that there is something wrong after few minutes one of our developers sad…" well because of GDPR they now have to opt-in analytics cookies and the majority just clicks accept without opt-ing other two options."

Checked few major websites, news portals etc., the vast majority of them absolutely do not comply. Most of them didn’t even touch the cookie notifier, just left it as it was and updated the legal terms, which as we know is a big no-no.

Simply sad, is GDPR going to be the same as the first cookie law, nobody will actually follow it?

Either we read wrong or as I mentioned everybody is ignoring it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Switch to website analytics that doesn’t use cookies -