Proposal: Separate [Breakbeat / Rave] + [Techno] genres

  • I propose that Breakbeat splits from Drum & Bass, because for one thing, the two seem (to me) inimical to each other, and also, breakbeat is going to be much slower, and more focused on a strong lead riff l think?

  • Also propose that “Rave” be added in conjunction with Breakbeat because the two are often interchangeable but rave still needs to be highlighted because it has a distinct uplifting vibe, even though it need not be separated from Breakbeat.

  • Techno: in a time-honoured class of its own (edit: i notice it’s under Electronica. Hmmm. I guess that’s okay but even better if people can go direct to Techno via its own category, maybe then rename Electronica “Other Electronica”. Industrial and Trance and Hard House can be subcats of Techno)

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Hello! You can write a proposal to improve the site in support Envato! Open the ticket and select “site feedback”.
Good luck!

As I know - Drum & Bass originated from BreakBeat. Perhaps that is why this category is mixed. :wink:

Thank you, l’ve submitted it as a site suggestion, along with my site audio playback suggestions.

There was no confirmation that the message had been sent, so l may have sent it twice. Maybe neither times the message got through? :-S

Yep but it’s not the only thing that originated from something within my reshuffling suggestions.

I feel my small group of suggestions is more logical, saves wading through intelligent art-core jazz-core when all you want is a punchy overdriven synth to a stomping beat. Breakbeat seems like, more of a solid predictable beat, plus the beat takes a back seat or at least, is less important than in DnB.

Electronica becoming “Other Electronica” keeps it boutique which is what l think people expect of the term “Electronica”, with Techno / Trance / Hard House / Industrial being distinct from that.

I wanted to suggest that too.


In fact, ditch electronica as a parent genre, and make electro a subcat for all the boutique stuff.

Comercial dance gets its own independent genre, as does Dubstep, unless that can go under Techno, which it probably should.

Result = Too many items in main menu? Good! It’d be enthralling.
Futureproofing: no problem, only about 5 new genres per decade. I’m sure AudioJungle will find a way to deal with 5 new lines of menu!

Current menu needs changing for sure!