Property Rental Theme with Classified-like Ad Capability


I am currently on a look out for a theme or a WordPress plugin (or combination of both) that will allow me to setup a room/property/Bed & Breakfast/house or flat share type of site similar to a classified property listings and functionalities that you get on the following sites:

Essentially, I am after functionality of a plugin or a theme that has interface for landlords or real-estate agents that can login and list properties/rooms/shares, ect with all the relevant features that are present within this kind of interface (creation of custom search fields and taxonomies would be essential for this).

Interface for users that can sign up and search for properties/rooms/shares, and contact landlords real-estate agents via the site (email, instant chat, video call, ect).

Does anyone have a theme/plugin that can do all this or even a series of plugins to extend a theme functionality?

Thank you in advance.


You can use WooCommerce plugin which helps you in creating an online shopping site.