Proper way to make new version of theme

Hi everyone,

I’m working on big update for my old WordPress theme. It will contain many changes in design and structure, and I’m afraid that some of clients may prefer to keep the old version (and save possibility to download archive with old version)
But if I’ll add two themes in one archive, the review team will reject this, I guess.

Can you share your experience with similar cases please?


I went through that with almost all of my WP themes recently. Just put your old version into a folder (I called mine “Legacy”) in your full package and add some readme.txt explaining what it is.
There should not be a reason for a reviewer to reject it (if your new version will meet all the requirements of course), but if he does, then make sure to properly explain your reasoning in the message for reviewer. Worst case scenario is that you will provide the old archive only to those customers who will contact you.

I’ll try this, thank you!