Promoting my AJ items on YT/SC/FB - how to prevent stealing?

Sorry for my not that good English, I’m new to AudioJungle and this question was probably asked before or maybe even answered in the guides.

If I want to promote my AJ items on SoundCloud/YouTube/Facebook/VKontakte, how do I “defend” those items from being used illegally? Yeah, I can upload AJ previews (with watermarks), but it’s kinda ruining an impression :pensive: I care about this because my main goal is a cinematic music. Can I use, for example, lower quality like 160 or even maybe 128 kbps MP3 where encoding losses can be easily noticed? Or, for another example, can I use shorter version of the tracks like a Radio Edit/Promo Cut/TBR?

Actually, I’m not that much nervous about my “art” being used illegally, but I really do care about copyrights and licenses. I understand that RFM is all about selling RIGHTS to use your music and basically it sounds like I still have the rights to upload my items for promotional goals without any worries, but I want to be sure about it.

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

Hey JafaroffMusic

You should maybe look at joining Adrev. There is a big thread here on it.

Personally I would prefere someone to hear my music with the audio watermark than have them listen at lower quality. I think though soundcloud compress to 128kbps already.

Thank you! I’ve got a lot of new and useful information.

So If I want to promote myself on YouTube safely - it’s better to do with Adrev, and If I want to minimize possibility of stealing I can just write them an e-mail, asking about removing my videos. I read in Adrev’s FAQ that I can send them a link to my YouTube channel, but looks like it’s better to not create one.
Promoting myself on Soundcloud looks pretty okay by itself even without watermarks since it has automatical compress to 128 kbps; I think that possible thief would search for a full length HQ like 320kbps MP3 or WAV 44.1/16 instead of lo-fi 128 kbps shorter mp3.

I hope I got it right.

There is no diffirence between 128 and 320 kbps noticed by thiefs)

Well, this is valid point too, but clever thief with some knowledge base would be able to cut watermarks by using mid/side, eq, phase subtraction and etc if they don’t care about quality.

128 kbps without the watermark will be 100 times better than any attempt to filter out the watermark from a .wav.

Do you mean better for a possible thief? :))

Exactly. Or better for any listener for that matter.

Do not care about stealing, only sales are important :wink:
Some companies steal music even with AJ watermark, so…

Well, stealing music/using it illegally is the second thing I care about (though I would like to get some additional money). I should refine main question to “Can I upload my music (that already uploaded to AJ) to YT/SC/FB withouth watermarks (lower quality and shorter versions) without breaking the rules of Envato Market”? I would actually be glad to share my music with whole world even for free, but I’m not a cactus, I wanna eat some food xD (It’s even more actual thing for me because Russia is in a hard economic status right now

So looks like I can upload because it’s still my music and I have the rights, but it’s better to use AdRev in case with YouTube.

UPD: Ohhh, looks like I found something that I was searching for:

Thank you all, guys :slight_smile: