Promoting Elements on Cybermoday deal. Make any sense?

Hello Guys,

In their original announcement they didn’t mention, they are going to promote Elements. So badly that it sticks on every category.

There are CMS items on cybermoday deal as well as Elements. Envato Elements now selling $19/m which was their early bird price before launch. So, Envato fooled us( buyer on early bird deal) saying it was special price. I’ll never believe any of their offer as early price or discounted price ever.

What you guys think? Envato is a level playing field anymore?

P.S. They are now launching Envato Site soon.


Yea well the trend of stealing customers away on our backs is continuing… if Envato discounted there fee it would be a bit more fair, but like they stated numerous times, Envato is a private company and they can do whatever they want, if we do not like it leave.

Yea just can’t wait to see those shiny banners all over the market for sites :slight_smile: