Projects that are "Too" Similar


Hi guys, I have found one project on videohive which is really similar to one of my projects.
I am not here to insult the author or deminished his template. I just want to know what is the limit for similarity.
I know I don’t own the particular type of animation, anyone can use it. But, is this too similar?

My project :

Other similar project:

And again I am not here to insult anyone, just wanna hear opinions.

Thank you!


I can say that this project are different. Different elements and animations.

  • I can say it’s hardly possible that 2nd author copied your project, because it’s about 5 days delay between approval of your projects.


I didn’t see much similarity in design and effect, except that the usage is the same. :wink:


It’s always faster when you are using someone else’s ideas :smiley: just kidding, thank you so much for your opinion :slight_smile:


Thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:


They do really look alike. But if there’s a 5 day difference between their post date, it could just be a coincidence.


I remember it was like 3 or 4 days for approval. For example for me, it would be a couple of hours of work to recreate something like this, it is idea that matters. But again, could be a coincidence. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. It’s OK if someone makes similar to your items =))


Do not worry. Your item is better than his.


When both of them started I was waiting for a Avicii or Bob Sinclar song lol.

Anyway, yours looks waay better than his. His video looks like it was created ~2yrs ago.


I’m pretty certain he did in fact copy yours.
Check out his last item:

Copied from:

Elements, even has a tutorial on how to do that. So not only it’s an obvious rip of his project, it’s also just a recreation of his tutorial.

Come on.

How is this allowed again?


Wow, they are really similar, even the font. I don’t know what to say, it could be debated because he didn’t copied everything, but what bugs me that he copied the whole idea behind it.


@Voxyde I have found three more, they have at least half of identical animations.

This is one of them:

I feel like I would be less agitated if they were complete copies of my file.

I don’t know if they are qualified to be reviewed from the help support. I guess there is nothing I can do.


I have decided that I will report all of these files to support. They will give me the best answer. I will sure tell you all how it went. Thank you again :slight_smile:


Hey man i wish you luck with that honestly.

From my experience i don’t think the staff is too eager to do anything about this situation.

I reported this file

for being an almost exact replica of this

The guy even has fake accounts that he used to buy, rate and comment his replica product.
Nothing was done about it.


To say the truth, Reporting this is useless.

Technically, your projects a re different. Because both of you don’t owe rights to instagram design/mechanics and other regarding stuff.


I understand you perfectly. That is why I have asked for advice from much more experienced authors.

I know, I dont owe rights on instagrams logo. But if I have created animation with particular timing and style, and there is nothing similar like that on videohive, isn’t that my intellectual property on videohive. What’s the point on being author if everyone can copy that and take what could have been maybe 50% of your sales.

Just please consider this :
My old file :

My new file:
Other authors file:

First logo animation, beginning exactly the same like my old file, same timing, same place everything. Than it transforms to my new file, same place for profile image and text, with exactly the same ring around the profile image with continuous loop ( I am saying this because there is nothing like this anywhere).

Then images wich is authors unique style, that is not copied, and the ending really similar.

Please, you have to understand my frustration. I am ok with losing sales to files wich are different and better. But this is not cool.

Again, thank you for your opinion, I am aware that I could be wrong and this is all for nothing.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Wow! And every single “customer” who sad “amazing, great…” member since February 2016 haha :joy:

That is so obvious and they didn’t do anything, really disappointing.


You should understand that Such ‘Specialized’ projects (for insta/fb/etc) will look similar. Basically, there aren’t difficult animations. And Designs are mostly set by application. So the main criteria for such projects will be total execution and set of scenes.

Edge is quite thin


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