Project rejected ..



My project got rejected please help me with your comments


the main issue with this template is reveal of trapcode layer it looks like linear wipe.

the way you can improve this to keep end state of trapcode layer and a dynamic camera motion( make your camera fly through scene.)

did you use trapcode mir, form or any other plugin?


Santosh is right. The reveal is the main issue.

My tip: Add a particular animation on top that reveals the form.


Hey ,do you mean to say that I should get rid of animation and just add camera moves ?
I used Mir along with particular


Hi. I watched your last approved item similar to this one, approved one is just beautiful, nice transitions based on particles trails movement, but this one looks like all the same from one quote to the next one. And really looks like a wipe with a big feather, not a particles reveal. Maybe if you make it just a little bit more dynamic, not too much, and make some significant variations from one screen to the next and work a bit more on reveal. Just a humble opinion.
Good Luck :+1:


Could you please be a little more detailed about the tip. If you can show me any example of it or describe it a bit , that will be more helpful …


I mean you can hide the reveal of the trapcode layer (that right now looks like a simple linear wipe reveal) with a particle animation.

The particle emitter does travel from left to right and reveals your other animation. Adjust the look of the particle animation to match the look of your current background so that it blends in nicely.

That is all the advice I can give you here. You will have to make it look good :smiley:




Definitely the linear wipes and it also looks a bit dingy/not polished. Also, it looks a bit like an older project already out.