Project Rejected, how to improve to accept ? Ideas ?

Hi Guys !
My new project was rejected, but the reason wasn’t noticed.
Any ideas why was it rejected and what could be improved for acception ?
here is a video trailer:


I liked it.
I did not understand what this project.
It is a standalone software or service?

It’s actually pretty good. I’m sure the reviewer had a close call between accepting and rejecting this item. I personally think it would’ve done better and it would’ve been more interesting if this whole scene was presented in sort of a dream like sequence.

So that would include some bokeh blurred particles maybe, some cloud-like shaped particles, more white in the background, some warm/soft vignette effect. That way with these particles you would have more elements on the screen and if they are animating it will keep the viewer more engaged maybe, and not distracted, if done in a subtle fashion.

Overall i think you need more white to symbolize a wedding better, because as it is right now this could pass as simply a birthday or other kind of celebration. You might even consider giving the table a fancy cloth to make it more festive

Tnx , guys , now it’s on store )