Project rejected because of overall design.

My project was rejected, and here is the comment from Envato Quality team reviewer:
“The functionality of the project is good, but the overall design and aesthetic of the graphics is severely lacking. Since visual appearance is a crucial element that we review on, unfortunately, this item does not meet our minimal quality standards and cannot be accepted at this time.”
project preview video
would really appreciate your comments.

Hi. In my humble opinion, I think reviewer´s answer is correct. Project is useful but not very well designed visually. Camera moves are too abrupt at the beginning and the end, I think you need to make them smoother, use easy ease, graph editor and acceleration curves for this. And graphics are too flat, maybe you should work more on adding details on screen. Circle thumbnails of every place in the map are too simple, use more gradients, shadows, etc, to give more visual depth to the whole project. Lines look to hard to my eyes, is my subjective opinion, I would try to make the look of the project softer, not too much, but softer. Try to watch other examples on Videohive of projects like yours, that could help a lot.
Good Luck!:+1:


Thank you GoForMotion, this is really helpful, do you have any comments on the color concepts?

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Color combination is very subjective, everyone can have a different opinion, but if you make a control panel to customize colors it´s ok. Anyway I would use combinations with gradients, not flat colors for backgrounds all the time (for example at 30 secs of the video preview). The global position icons at 53 secs look weird, I would make them vertical on the map, not horizontal (to give more 3D look) and with some shadow projected on the map. When you use a grid as background, maybe if you put some details with HUD style and with different levels of focus (depth of field), that could make it much more eyecatching for customers. Anyway, these are my personal and subjective opinions. Take what you think is more useful to you :+1::wink:

  • some particles, digital element maybe?
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