project reject

I have uploaded a PHP script. But rejected here. Because the code is not standard but as far as I know the code is not bad. Anyway can anyone help me how they actually want the product here.

Along with the coding, you need a premium design as well to get approval for the projects.
Only coding won’t be good enough

Good design means good coding pattern design or UI design

UI/UX is required but good coding pattern is also a plus

Ok.Thanks for response.May Allah bless you.

After editing the key it says this. “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.
what to do?

Not much things to do. You need to find a new idea and start for a new project.
If you think the current project has good idea, you can find some partners to work together ( for UI/UX )

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Now they give me soft reject.

  • Unfortunately, the item does not have a sufficient product description for us to consider it for purchase. A detailed and accurate product description is essential for our customers to make informed decisions about their purchases. We appreciate your understanding and hope to see a more detailed product description in the future. - Please make sure your item works and adapts to mobile devices.

This is an html page. I make sure my product is responsive. And they ask to make a receipt for it. But I gave a receipt first. Where mention silo how to install and setup this product online. What can I do now?

Soft or hard?


I’m not sure which part you didn’t understand.

  • On the item details, it seems there’s not much enough information for the item. ( not the documentation )
  • Make sure the item doesn’t have any responsibility issues on mobile phones.