Project Reject, Pianos too fake? Bad mixing?


I just recently tried to upload my first song and it got rejected because the overall quality was not up to par with the standards of the community. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton

Song Here

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Very nice sounds for a funny children or games theme! But it seems to lack a defined structure (on first listen), making it rather chaotic. I think most people are more accustomed to a classic song structure -> intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, outro, or build up the tension layer after layer around a certain melody (more for a trailer). :wink:

Very funny and cool! :sunglasses:

I agree with @CineTracks, sounds a little bit chaotic. But this should not have trailer structure of course :wink:
I guess you might resubmit it, after you remake it.

Hello Alexbochel,

Im wondering that your song has been rejected. It sounds like on an old C64 computer. Try to compress your piano a bit more and lower it more in volume. You could use a 8bit filter on the whole file - sounds like in an old computer game then…but Im new to Envato so I have no experience about Envatos taste of sound. I wish you good luck for the next time.

Have a great day.
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