Project Name Rules

Dear moderators and project reviewers, please explain the situation with the monotonous project names for relevant queries like “Slideshow” “Photo Slideshow” “Opener” and so on. As far as I know, about six months ago, a large number of authors were blocked projects and voluntarily forcibly asked to rename projects, so that there would be no similar names in one portfolio, as well as projects with names like “Slideshow” “Opener” were not accepted, but were sent to Soft Rejection for renaming.
What is happening on the stock now? Is this rule overturned? Authors can again use a lot of the same type of names of the most popular queries in the portfolio?
I mean people like such authors:
[link removed by mod → please don’t call out users, Terms of Service - Envato Forums]
A person from 20 projects has 11 with the name “Photo Slideshow”, every week a couple of clone projects are accepted from him with the same name, the transition and music change a little. For a month, one author completely spammed the entire category of projects for one of the most relevant queries “Photo Slideshow”
If such a strategy for the development of your portfolio is again allowed, then of course there are no questions)
I would like that the competition would be fair and the rules would apply equally to everyone. I would be glad to hear the opinion of the reviewers on this question, as the technical support takes a very long time to answer.

@MotionRevolver please tell me, the names of the projects have ceased to be moderated? How can authors keep 10-20 identical most trendy and short names in their portfolio before? Please enter in the search “photo slideshow” and you will see how one author scored almost the entire first page. Or is this normal and all authors have the right to do so? sorry to contact the reviewer personally, they didn’t give me any specific support on this issue

Previous titling requirements are no longer being enforced, and authors are permitted to name their items however they wish.

However, an author naming several files with the same name is to their own detriment, as it does not help search results, and only causes confusion among customers.

Ultimately, we still fully recommend that authors use unique, descriptive titles, but it is no longer a mandatory requirement.

Does this mean that I am now allowed to name my item “The Best AE Template on videohive”?

There have been rules regarding this some years ago, authors were not allowed to use any adjectives like “best”, “beautiful” etc in their item names. This rule seem to have vanished?

Obviously not. But you already knew that without having to ask that question.

The OP’s question pertains to basic, iterative naming conventions.

There are still going to be some rules in place, especially regarding names that might be entirely non-relevant, offensive, hateful, discriminatory, etc.

Well I hoped it.

This made me very scared.

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Authors are indeed permitted to name items however they wish – within reason.