project is rejected

Hi everyone,

I submit a project named as MQA sign/signup template but it was rejected as the project files contains
HTML, CSS, PHP and javascript. The review was that project is not according to envato standards…did i choose the right catogery to upload a project in codeconyon ->html5 … or I have to upload in another category e.g php… or there is something else for which the project is rejected. the url of my path is

thank you

With respect the category is not the issue.

  • the basic design and execution of the demo is not great

  • there are numerous mobile mobile issues

  • having a handful of demos is a good start but if you want to compete with that type of item then you need to be considering builders, different fields, functionality etc.

  • while not a requirement I would avoid that crappy free hosting like a plague. Downtime, ad buyer experience, slow loading sites and often clashes with Envato’s demo bar preventing item demos from loading at all

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just as a tip read some tutorial about image optimisation your site is taking way to long to load i think for 6 image you load 6mb you can easely reduce that by 70% with a proper optimisation.

when you work with large images do not use png format if there is no transparency png will use lot more space than jpg you can use tool like to get your image optimized without losing noticable quality and this image optimiser site is free.

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