Project hard rejected. Need some feedback


This project is a Bootstrap skin/UI built in Sass. Here’s the demo page with current elements: Demo. Need some feedback for it, thanks in advance.


Does it look too similar with original Bootstrap?


Some components may look similar, but I’ve seen other skins that have little changes and had been approved. I can tell that all components have been modified, in more or less grade, to match the vertical rhythm I set in the skin.

Thanks for the comment @leafcolor . Any other comments are welcome.

Anyway, it’s weird to receive the standard rejection message that to me says that design is not good. I don’t know if it’s the same if you don’t provide example or docs with it.


People, need more thoughts on this!.


you should add ‘wow feature’ not rebranding original bootsrap control

like custom calendar, custom timeline, custom slider, custom chat, mega menu, etc


Thanks for the comment.

You mean that it’s more a content related issue (few custom components) than a design issue right?. I guess that standard rejection message is confusing sometimes…


maybe i’m wrong,
but just see some accepted bootstrap ui/ux, the seem has large additional custom control


Neither I do. I got the standard rejection message and I was worried about the design, if was the reason of that. Adding custom components it’s not a problem if this way can be accepted.