Project Editing (What is the Problem)

Hello friends

I want to add images to the sub-sections of my project, but the pictures appear to be broken links, so what is the reason?

same here

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how so

Can you post the html description you’re using so we can see better?

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Nothing appears. Copy paste the text.

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Looks like the picture. In fact, there is no text, so the links always look broken.
red places in the picture. No matter what I do.

Maybe it’s not compressed. Export is as .jpg - quality set at 90 in Photoshop

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Can you post the link to the image in code tags here in the forum

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img src=“

Access to image is forbidden. Simply use other image hosting website like

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I use
Gets the job done also

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thank you to everyone

I would not advice to use some image hosting platform. There will come the day when they are either shut down or they will place some weird watermark over your image etc. Your own webspace is not so expensive and you can be sure that no strange things happen to your images.

I know many people have good experience with those platforms, however, I would not recommend it for images on a point of sale page.

edit/ in the meantime it is a good solution, though. I just would not count on it long-term


You’re right, I’m writing my own site. I’ll do it over my own servers in the coming weeks.


Or you can stop creating templates because the marketplace might shut down and you won’t have to worry about the images in your description