Project disappeared from DASHBOARD


It´s my firs topic here.
I´m new author on Videohive and I send a project 5 days ago.
Every day I would wait for a return by email or log into my account to see if the project status changed.
Today when I opened my dashboard it was no longer there. Does that mean it was rejected?
Shouldn’t I get an email or notification warning me?
Can anyone tell me what happened?

Hi @ETERNA_MenteCriando,

If you didn’t receive the Item review notification email (you should to check spam/junk as well), then check your email settings (Settings => Email Settings) in Envato market Dashboard Settings, is there a check mark for Item review notifications.

Sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox, spam, junk as well.


Thanks for answering!
I really hadn’t selected this box to receive the emails… now it was checked!! Thank you so much
In the end since this project doesn’t show up on my dashboard, I must understand that it was denied, right?

Check the «Hidden Items» tab on your dashboard. If you see your item there, it means you item has been Soft Rejected. If there is empty, then your item has been Hard Rejected

LOL! So, my project has been HARD Rejected… it´s so sad because it is not bad!
But ok… i will try improve the next time.
Thank you so much

Looks like no :man_shrugging:

Anyway, you can show a preview of your rejected item here, if you want other authors point out to you what may be the reason for the refusal.

Thank you for spend your time trying to help me. Today I received an email confirming my hard rejected status for this project.

When researching some designs that sold less than 100 times, I found something similar and used it for inspiration, but I completely changed the object in question and the colors (I also created a way for the buyer to customize the color as they prefer)

I posted it on my instagram account: Login • Instagram

but I think maybe it was rejected by the way I built the project (image attached)

Anyway, thank you again! Hope the next time I can make it correctly

No. If that were the case, you would have received Soft Rejection. But since you got the Tough Rejection, it means a design or commercial flaw.
I don’t see any commercial potential here. I can’t figure out what it is at all? Who needs this heart? And why are you trying to sell it as an AE project. Why not just render it as a finished clip for «Motion Graphic» category?
As for the design: the animation is very similar, uniform and drawn-out. It is too boring to watch how the line slowly draws all these silhouettes over many seconds. Also, apart from line animation, there are no other movements (camera movement, departure, hitting, rhythm, shake, background animation, etc).
Unfortunately this item is far from the minimum level required in this market. I would recommend that you leave this item and move on to creating a completely different one, having thoroughly studied the market before doing this.

Maybe before abandoning it I should try to sell it as a pre-render file and not as an AE project. I think the motion graphic category would be the best option. I thought of something simple to see what it was like to develop a project and make it public but now I got the main point… I really appreciate your feedback.

Again, analyze the market. I think the market is full of such pre-renderers. And yours does not differ in any uniqueness or creativity. In fact, you just repeated what was done before you thousands of times