Project: Add signature field to 'FormCraft' WP plugin


Hi there,

I’m looking for assistance from a WP plugin developer in adding a signature field to the fantastic FormCraft plugin ( - I own this plugin), similar to the Gravity Forms extension (

A user would be able to ‘sign’ the form using a touch-friendly device and upon submitting the completed form, the signature would be attached as an image for future records.

Thanks in advance if anyone can assist here! Please let me know cost and time required.

sahanDissanayake said


I believe I could help you with this. If you have a budget in mind please let me know that in the email aswell. Shoot me an email on


Hi all, just a quick note - Sahan was fantastic to work with; delivered exactly what I required within his estimate and all very quickly. Highly recommended if you’re in need of custom work!


Thanks for your thoughts on this - appreciated. I’ll have a look into the plugin later today.


Hi There,

You might also want to look into the WP E-Signature plugin by ApproveMe. They focus 100% on legally binding documents (UETA & ESIGN compliant) if you’re looking to sign court recognized contracts.

Legally Sketchy Form-Based Sigpad add-ons are kind of a joke

Amazingly, almost all basic signature pad add-ons like those offered by Gravity Forms have the legal standing of a limp handshake. I love form plugins (use them all the time), but they don’t do the job when it comes to online contracts.

Though I wish this upon no one, I recently had to take a web design client to small claims court. Trust me, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your contract was in fact UETA/ESIGN compliant or not!

As far as I can tell WP eSignature is the most customizable (and secure) document singing application out there for WordPress.