Progressive Web app developer

Hi I am looking potentially for a quality experienced Progressive Web App developer (or small team) India based fluent English for upcoming project. Must have at least two live working reference (links) showing examples of complex PWA’s delivered for clients. Ideally with .netcore3.1 MSSQL full stack back end expertise 3 plus years.


Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. If you would like for doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the experts at Envato Studio.


I looked for more than 30 mins and found nothing close to interesting there in terms of quality companies offering Progressive Web Application development services with published reference sites/customers.

So I have googled it, that works much better sadly

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This is much better suited to an agency than a stock marketplace (regardless of how good some of the authors are)

Thank you Charlie, could you point me in the right direction or any other direction other than google?

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I am afraid I don’t know anything about recruiting agencies there other than Google is probably your best option

If you can find people who are (genuinely) accredited from things like Google Partners etc that is always a reassuring sign


Hi do you have a portfolio website showing PWA’s you have built last 2 years?

I may be able to help you, please, contact with some more details

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