Progress of Submitted Item

Hello, I’m a new Author on Codecanyon. I submitted my Laravel PHP Script just yesterday on 09 March 2024. It’s called Booking Engine - Ultimate Property Billing Software. I don’t know if I’m missing something or what. However, I didn’t receive a confirmation email if my item has been uploaded or is still in the reviewing process. And where can I find the progress of my submitted item?

This is so confusing to become an author here. Can someone help me?

I want to be an author on this platform. On another thread, they said you can find the submitted item on my Dashboard or Hidden Item. But I find nothing in there.

Hidden Item: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

If this goes like this, should I just resubmit my item again or what should I do?

However, I wanted to know your first impression of my item. You can try it in here

Use this Credential:
U = demo
P = 00000000

Please reply to my message.

I already got an email and got a hard-rejected. I don’t understand, why I got hard rejected without any explanation. Can someone help me why I got hard rejected?

If I don’t know the reason, then how I can improve my item for later?

You cannot re-submit this item as you will need to improve either the design, features or both. The main reason why it’s rejected, I believe, Envato is drawing a line now for the items that looks/functions same.

So, does this mean that my item looks similar to another item on the market or I have duplicated features inside my item?

You will need to add unique features or better design to get the item approval.

Alright, thanks for your insight.

Aside from what @ki-themes said your item is broken I. Lots of places and as a result may not even get reviewed before rejection.

Attention to detail and not rushing is critical with any new items

@charlie4282 I don’t get it, from my side it’s accessible, and the landing page works fine.

I even use Tor Browser to access it, and it’s fine.

It’s fine on desktop but mobile and Ipad creates the errors above

On a PC, everything works well, however on a smartphone or iPad, the aforementioned issues occur.

First of all, I would say the development process has a timeline and planning. Not All in One fully features on the first release. My item would develop during the time. Also, I have prepared the API to integrate on Mobile, Windows App, and MacOS platforms.

Don’t you all like that aren’t you or how I supposed to be?

Make it already in one and don’t update at all?

Well, my item apparently already been approved on another marketplace. I’m happy about that, I don’t know why only in Codecanyon did I get rejected. The standard was too high for being an Author in here. Well, this is one of my frustrations…

Even tho many items here I saw that do not really have significant innovations. Stil… up them then. I hope that in the future these people have more consideration to understand what’s behind it.

Thanks for all the answers.

Could well be related to you being rejected here - you can’t be an exclusive author and be selling items elsewhere

There is nothing to do with relating in here. I submit my item to another marketplace after I got the rejection email. To see of my item eligible, and yeah it is.

Different marketplaces has different standards. They may not require lots of the details as Envato ( and some of them they don’t have even review process, you just upload the item, that’s all )

I think your demo put English language