programatic way to check update


we are using a template from themeforest. I am looking for a programmatic way to :

  • check if update is available.
  • download the new version.

I saw that is exist an API, but didn’t found how to do use it and an entry to do what i need.

Is it possible to achieve my goal ?


Did you contact template developer ?

No. Our source is themeforest as a themes aggregator . Today, i make check for one theme. Tomorrow, it will be an other one. I try to find a generic way. I want to avoid to be specific for each theme.

You can’t except that will Themeforest say when is new version out.
You will need to find another way.

There is a dedicated plugin:

But I advice you to not update everything just because you have read somewhere that is important keep updated plugin and themes for security reasons. This is not true, 99.99% of the updates not have nothing to do with the security, you can update them if you know that there is a security update of 1-2 time per year.

Update everything always not have sense and the only result is the generation of bugs and problems most of times (and if happen the free support of Envato not cover it)

Did you heard about continuous integration ?