Program has been rejected. What reason?


I was told that my product does not match the quality. What could be the problem? Too simple design? Based on the fact that I geted from support, I can redo the program and improve the quality, and then download it again?

Tell me, what is the problem be with quality? The program is presented as windows application, .net

Watch this short video. Just two minutes. The video shows how to work with the program and the whole process of it. describe what does not match, please
Video demonstration of the program

Hello and welcome to Envato Forums,

Maybe your item is good (is doing the advertised job) but as a first check, it needs a lot of improvements, in terms of design. Yes, in terms of design, even if this is a script, but the design will be the one who sells along with the functionalities;

Now, I’m not sure, but is this a windows program? Written in Visual Studio or something? I just made a quick search on CodeCanyon and was not able to find a category suitable for your script….Maybe is this a problem too?

Just saying :slight_smile:


Hey. Thanks for the reply and support of the newbie.

Yes, this is a .net application. Program for Windows OS. So I found something similar in the category:

Do you think this category will suit me? (Category:

Definitely Yes, That category contains few scripts like that one (for Windows OS).

OK. I will try to work on the design and add a program to this category again. Thx

Good Luck! :+1:

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