Profile not recognized right away as Subscription Profile

Hi Everyone,

I have trouble on Envato. I’m able to login fine, but when I go to download something, it says I need to pay for it first. I have a subscription, and it should be “free” to download. It takes messing around back forth between signing out and in again for it to recognize I have a paid subscription, and can download for “free”.

Has anyone else had trouble with this issue? I’m using Chrome.

This happens in all categories, but I had to pick one.

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It’s probably cache issue. Clean the all browser cache and login to the Elements again
( assuming you’re trying to download from there )

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This happens because you are trying to do it from

The subscription plan is only available on Envato Elements and you can download only the content available at this URL: everything outside this URL does not count

Kind regards

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Tex Theme,

This makes total sense, and I see that it is indeed how you say it is. Thank you!