Profesional authers



Hello everyone, everyone knows that Enwatoy rejects a lot of logo templates and the authors just do not understand why, I’ll write professional authors, give us specific logo templates so that we look and understand what we’re talking about, show us the whole process of creating a logo, , show us all, thanks …


Whoever you are, create a video about this topic and add on the youtube, from the night to the end, how to create an editing area, a layer, colors, pixels or millimeters, the layers layers are everything, very detailed, we will be very blessed,


yes, I know this, but there are no details here … everybody is interested in the whole process, understand, very detailed and understandable, starting from the creation of the file, the color, the expansion, the layer, the name, the groupings, all the details, ))) Thanks you…


Thank you, but this is also not what we need, how you can contact the Swamis, I want to show you what to show,