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Hi there!
Guys, or ladies, people from Envato world, I have some questions to you.
No-no, its not a request for a fedback on my music! Im a newbie on audiojungle. I have only one track there for sale yet. Of course, I work on making music a lot and it gives me so much pleasure, but how often should I upload my new tracks? I understand, that it`s very good for everyone to have a great portfolio, but not every of my work is perfect and I always have doubts about showing it for people. Tell me please, how many tracks do you usualy uplod a week on audiojungle? Do you have such doubts? Thanq a lot! Have a nice day :slight_smile:
PS. How do you find your music on the Web, or just on vedeohive (for axample)?

Hey @bukhs,
welcome to this amazing community.


You too :wink:

Google search, Invoice information, VH Authors feedback.


Thanks for your great answer, Georgio! and for a cat :slight_smile:


You’re always welcome, man :wink: