Product resale - doubt IMPORTANT

Good morning, disregard any typos, because I’m from Brazil and I’m using the translator (lol)

I signed up for the Envato platform with the objective of making downloads to resell products through an e-commerce, can I do that? Does my license entitle me to this or should I apply for another type of license?

I am also interested in licensing my products in the future to be sold here at Envato, how is this done?

No you cannot resell items “as is” under any license

You can resell products that are built on or include items form here

What about the items I license for a project?
I download and place them for a specific project. Can I resell these items?

Not exactly as they are downloaded - they need to be included in a new item

So if I download the products again and include them in a new project, can I use them on more than 1 website?

Can I then sell a “photo package” to customers for him to put on his website if I license all the photos for his project?

And so can I do with other customers too?
Licensing all photos for each specific project. Can I?

Would you know how to inform me?

Are you referring to envato elements or the main marketplace?

You need to download a new copy of each item per time you use it.

You can’t just download a stack of images and sell them in their original format as a set to clients

You can’t buy a bunch of photos and then package them up and sell them. If you’re wanting to get some photos for a client to use on their website, I would recommend that they make an account and buy the photos themselves, that way there’s no confusion on who has the license to use the photos.

If you want, it might be possible to buy the photos yourself, then have your client pay you back for them, you could also charge a small “service” fee for finding the photos for them.

However, like Charlie said, you must buy a new license every time you use those photos, there’s no stock piling allowed.

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