Product request from customer

Hi There,

My first post here. I’m a customer. I purchase about $12k worth of products from Envato each year. Not sure if this is the place to do it, but I’d like to request an after effects project. I’m looking for a dramatic way to present quotes on the screen. I know there are a few options that already exist, but they are generally for fast-paced videos and just 2 or 3 words. There’s nothing at a slow pace, for a more dramatic style designed for longer sentences.

Here’s how I’d use it: During an interview I’d like to cut to a quote that a person said and put their quote on the screen. I’d like to have various ways the sentence could be revealed on the screen and switch out backgrounds. But I’m not really looking for flashy stuff, but just subtle ways to reveal text/titles on the screen.


Hello, Jeremy,
we have a slow paced quotes template -

Hope you find it useful for your next project.

RGBA Design Team