Product rejected and need your advice.

Hi all!

I need your advice on my rejected product. I already tried submitting a product a year ago, but it was very simple and I decided I needed to create something more extensive and feature-rich.

I had been working on a new product for the past year and the moment came when I was ready to try again. But unfortunately I was rejected again. I have published a website to showcase this template and would like advice from more experienced authors or moderators on possible reasons for rejection.

Here is the link:

I will try to publish somewhere else for now, but my main goal is to reach sales on themeforest. I need to figure out if I need to add more sections and applications to the template. Or maybe more documentation needs to be done. Any advice from you would be a big help and support for me.


im having a similar issue, where my product is just rejected with no explanation. Can the customer support please say something???


With respect, this is still quite a way off -

  • Search has a whole load of empty space which looks wrong

  • repetitive sections (esp. carousels) on home and services page with no real value to differentiate these

  • no footer

  • avoidable validation issues

  • typography generally needs a lot of work as does hierarchy and spacing e.g. line height in page title

  • title section is just wrong, too many category colours, the comments section is nice

  • generally needs a lot more attention to detail and modernization of design, multiple variations of pages and layouts, and improved fundamentals


The reviewers get thousands of submissions every week - there’s no way they could offer bespoke replies to everyone, hence, when an item is not in a position to update to approval, they use the generic replies. FYI if an item is close then they do offer more detailed feedback


Nice insight; can you advice on this site hosted here with documentation hosted here?. I’m getting a hard reject now is the second time and I don’t know why as this is my first attempt to sell on the platform

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that wants me to login - our work connection will not allow it. Is there a front end view?

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Its more like a closed system/portal with no front-end… is that why my approval may have been hard?. What if I add default credentials in the fields; can that help?

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Where are you submitting it? That sounds like it belongs on codecanyon and not themeforest


I’m submitting it on codecanyon (its a Laravel based script)

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve already started working on an update. It will take some time and then I will try again.

If you don’t mind, please clarify this point:

  1. avoidable validation issues.

It is not quite clear what is meant by that.

One more question:

Have you considered this template from the position of placement in what section of themeforest? If we try to place it in the CodeCanyon section, will these comments have the same weight in making a decision?

Yes, the same issues with code errors and design will apply to any marketplace, plus this is not suitable for codecanyon really

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Thanks, I’ll work on that.

Please clarify why this template is not suitable for the CodeCanyon section? It has quite a lot of its own code, especially in the server part:

It’s a web template that is themeforest - Codecanyon is plugins, scripts etc

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Thank you! It all makes more sense to me now.


Please can someone tell me why my product has been rejected the second time?

I did the first one, it got rejected and the second one got rejected again.

I’ve spent $300 to do the graphics of those two rejected apps and spent 5+ months developing it.

Codecanyon reviewers, why are you fraustrating authors. Why, Why!

It’s a documentation web application for product, services, API, etc. It’s a multipurpose documentation web app.


You should really open your own thread rather then join others about your own item.

For reference - I can only see that demo link on a phone but:

  • your basics need a ton of work esp typography, spacing, consistency, and hierarchy.

  • There’s no page headings

  • most pages just appear to be plain text or lists

  • you have several pages with multiple styling and spacing in just a few paragraphs of text