Product Registration Code


I’m a little confuse on how to do this. Ok let me give the situation.

I am selling only 1 kind of product only, which is not online by the way. However each item have their own unique code that will be use for lucky draw purposes. Each of my customer need to register their unique code (which is located on the packaging of the product) in my website (currently developing using wordpress) in order to make the unique code valid & for me to track which code has been bought (so that I will exclude unregistered code in the lucky draw so I won’t draw out code that is not been bought).

So i was a little confusing over this on how I should do this. It’s quite simple in fact but kinda complicated for me. Does any kind of plugin for wordpress already available for this kind of situation? If so, can anyone suggest to me the plugin name? Coz I was searching but didn’t find any that I could use or maybe I was missing few things.

Thanks in advance!