Product quality standards

Hello All. I submitted my work, but received a notification of insufficient quality. What can beat. What quality standards are there and where can they be found? My work contains elements html5, css3, javascript. I wanted to know the requirements for work using the elements. Thank you.

There are no definitive list of requirements - it would be impossible to create with all items aiming to be original.

What reviewers look from is premium quality (standard) design, features, best practice execution and technical and originality.

You can always share a link to your demo here and get more feedback from the community.

Thanks, here is a screenshot of my work:

security in our office won’t allow downloads esp zips from unknown sources - post the images here


Almost certainly the issue is that these don’t feel or appear especially premium interns of design.

There are tons of free button downloads available which are not much different.

With respect have to find something original and which warrants people paying for an item

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Thank you