Product picture display in wordpress using enfold theme

Ok guys i need some help as im very new to this. ive managed to get reasonably far with my website so far following an online tutorial, but ive come across a problem that has left me stuck and unable to work for the last two days now.

Im currently trying to add products via woocommerce which is proving to be very difficult as the pictures ive been tying to upload are not being displayed. if i hover the mouse over where the picture is supposed to be a hand appears and and if i click the mouse the picture pops up, however different things happen when viewing the site from different devices. if i view the site on my computer i can see the price, cart, and description box, but i cannot see the product itself.

if i view the site from my phone or ipad the product is visible straight away but dissappears once clicked on. ive tried to uninstal enfold and woocommerce and even started the site from scrath again in hope i did something wrong somewhere a long the line but the situaion is still not resolved.

if anyone can offer any advice i would be extremely grateful as ive been stuck for the last two days and cannot move forward with creating my site

thank you in advance AJ


Please create a ticket here

and we will be able to help you out.

Thank you

not sure what a ticket is?? im very new to all this