Product key and Purchase code not working for Issue Theme

The codes for this theme are not working. I need my website up by January 1, 2020. Help!

may we know when (mean in what action/process) and what error are you getting regarding your concerned. Thanks


When I attempted to access the Issue demo on the Hostgator server by adding the product key or purchase code, you all provided, into my Wordpress dashboard, I keep getting an “invalid domain” and "invalid product key message. (removed)

Also, when I attempted to generate a product key using your link provided, I still am getting the same “invalid code”. You all removed my phone numbers in the forum and I asked to be called back on this.

more screenshots (removed)


in first screenshot fueltheme suport dashboard you have entered purchase code where last 3 character is: ad2 which belongs to runwaystylemedia website.

but in 2nd screenshots you hav entered purchase code where last 3 character is: ad1
ad in the license text I can see purchase code where last 3 character is: ad1

So, I am not clear why in first screenshots is showing a different purchase code.

by the way have you contacted theme author. Hope they will be happy to help you.


While I agree with @mgscoder the codes do not seem to match 100% I am also removing confidential info from public forums.

Unfortunately forum members do not have the access needed to look at individual licenses or purchase and for theme-specific support you need to contact the author (FYI they will never telephone you). @fuelthemes are one of the best and most highly regarded authors on envato so I am certain that they will be able to help

I agree. So I am not clear why I having so much trouble uploading this demo.