Product have a problem.I wait a update.but last update is a half year

I buy this code in a 3 month ago

product have a problem. it don’t have feather from sale page

don’t have
2.IAP (in app purchase)
3.Premium user

I send email to author => I receive answer “Wait update” (3 month ago)

I send email to envator support => I receive answer "
I’m sorry but we can’t process your request immediately as I need to coordinate it with our specialists so they can check it with the author. They are the ones who can decide whether the item should be removed temporarily until the author update the files" (1 month ago)

for other buyer is an ask update.but answer is a wait wait wait…

all negative reviews is a remove

Product have a problen.Why product is a longtime live for sale?(6 month)

mate product update on Envato is not part of the author’s support policy. and the things you mention are not the bug but the features you require. and it’s up to the author if he wants to include this in his product on the store or not. if require them then you can simply ask that author for customization.
as for an update, there are many products which newer updates because they already have features that they mention for sale.

like I am having one project cost $300 which updated only once in 3 years as there is no feature useful for the whole user base which needs to be.
usually, the product which are in more demand like having 100s of sales in a month get a frequent update because of more users demanding the features.

ill suggest you to contact the author for customization service.

feature is a write on salepage from last update.

I buy code because it a write on sale page.

after check it don’t have feature from salepage and product have a problem+error

I say minimum feature form salepage (admob,pro user)

but product don’t complete for have a bug

Ex. author sale motorcycle => after buy i get bicycle => you ok?