Product demo videos - what is your experience?

Just recently I decided to create a short demo video for my product, but I haven’t seen any other plugins or themes do that, so I’m curious what is your experience with demo videos?

Do they work or do they distract potential customers?

Well, there is no drawback behind creating videos of your products.
My suggestion would be create short video (3-5 min) which just drive the viewer through all top benefits of your products.

But, video should NOT be used as a replacement for a live demo. For CodeCanyon products, your potential buyer will surely need to actually interact with your product in order to see how it works and responds.

So, ideally, live demo should be first preferences for anyone viewing your product and there can be optional video they can watch.

There are multiple other benefits of creating videos as well like, you can share that video on your social groups, you can promote that video on social network, you can use that video in email marketing for anyone to quickly view what it’s all about, etc.

At the end, you need to take a call whether its worth investing into creating Video or not. I would suggest you create video for one or two of products and see how it goes and then you can move ahead accordingly.


Great ideas, @harshitpeer! Just watched your video for TMail and it really helps with understanding how to setup and configure the software.

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I just saw your Video, and looks like that is exactly what you are doing… So, sorry that I was not much of a help… :joy:

I always get confuse between putting my own voice vs subtitles. What are your thoughts on that?

I always get confuse between putting my own voice vs subtitles. What are your thoughts on that?

That is a great question and honestly I see benefits to both – subtitles are simple to follow and allows users to watch the video without the sound on (office environment, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), while using own voice adds personality and character to the video and the story which makes the video stand out.

So the ideal scenario would be using both I guess :slight_smile:

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Hmm… Interesting!

Somehow, that thought of using both never came to my mind… :joy:

Thanks, I will do that in my upcoming videos.