Product damage

Product purchased and downloaded shows damaged.

Please help !!!.. I need the correct file/template urgently…

Awaiting prompt reply…

The most prudent method for help regarding an item that isn’t working is to contact the author of the item.

If you could provide more details regarding the type of item you’ve purchased, or more information about the issue issue, including any error messages you’re receiving, someone here may be able to provide some advice.

Otherwise, you may to open a ticket with Support to have the item tested.

Please find the error message as attachment.


You should definitely contact the author of that item. You can find a message tab on his profile page. Also , there are some free apps which can repair damaged zips. Because the problem should be the zip. Did you try to unzip that file with other program?

Try again download file, sometimes the problem be in broken download.

Yes, as dgas99 has advised try to download the file again because it looks like a download problem.
It happens from time to time.