Product Code Registration

I am consistently getting a code already used message which closes down my website. I have followed the instructions given to deregister and then reregister the code. The problem then goes away for a few days but then comes back. This is not doing my SEO any good. I am only using the code on one website.

Can someone advise ow to remedy this problem?

You can contact the theme author, they will help you for sure How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center

The theme provider told me it was a theme forest problem and should revert to them. I think i might have resolved the problem. The website that it was telling had the code allocation was so i did a search and found that mail poet had 74 references to the ip address. There was also two other tables, a config table with 3 references and also a yoast table with 1 reference. I deleted mail poet which i wasn’t using and now all references have disappeared. So hopefully the problem might be fixed. The thing is it goes away for a few days before it reappears. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile: