processing uploads

Why does codecanyon take so long to process uploads? Its a turnoff especially since they take a large chunk of profits you would thing it would be a speedy process. 24-48 hours max.

Hello there,

First of all take a look at the current Review Turnaround For CodeCanyon.

Regarding the 24-48 hours max from your post… imagine that there are hundreds/thousands submissions everyday. Every submission needs to be verified. And imagine that lots of these submissions needs to be strictly verified. This is one small reason why the review time is big. But there are plenty of other reasons.


So, do you think there are 500 asians sitting in front of the computer reviewing 24/7 items? That are still people with a life and weekends. Don’t hurry. It’s not a good sign for projects that you want to hurry them up to earn as fast as you can money. I’m waiting since 12-15 days already for my project, it got soft rejected 2x and now it’s again in Re-Submission for 2 days, even it should take only 1 day due the Review Turnaround. But doesn’t matter, I’m working on my second project already - I’ve got the time. You shall too.

Cheers, eliteCode :blush: