Process after a theme is approved



We are about to upload our first theme for approval to ThemeForest and we just had a few questions about the process after a theme is approved. Any guidance you can give would be awesome.

  1. Once a theme is approved by a ThemeForest reviewer do we as the author get a chance to set the date that it goes live on the marketplace or is that date set by the Envato team?

  2. Once the theme is approved by a ThemeForest reviewer can the HTML Description be changed before it goes live?

I submitted these questions to support today as well (waiting to hear back), but thought the community might have some valuable insight as well.

Thank you so much for your help. It’s very much appreciated.




  1. your Item will go live as soon as reviewer will approve your item mean if get approve then immediately will go live.
  2. as your Item will live when and if your item will get approve by reviewer then you don’t have option to change item description just before publish but you can change the description after approve. Best practice is provide the best description at the time of item submit for review.


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