Problems with theme



Good Afternoon;

I just buyed a Hostingpress Theme, and i have an error on Wordpress to install this theme:

hostingpress Missing the style sheet.

I upload all files _MACOSX and all files to the zip.

Anyelse can helpme?



Common solution here


Hi Charlie,

I tried in few times this solutions and nothing, also i cannot upload the theme using wordpress.



How much did you pay for the theme? If it’s not over 50$, you have purchased the HTML version and it’s not possible to upload it to WordPress



I buyed this:


As @ki-themes said are you sure it was the $69 version not the $29 one?

When you click the download button can you see the ‘Installable WordPress Files only’ option?



Yes, this is the option, but when i try to install i have this error :frowning:

And yes i Payed 69$ from PayPal.


Are you having to re-zip the download?

If the download gives you (a still zipped) version that you are trying to install then I can’t think why that would be generating the missing stylesheet error

The alternative is to download and unzip the installable version and install the theme using FTP


Hi Charlie,

I tried to re-download and using FTP.

Maybe the problem is i am using Plesk Onyx?

Could u helpme like, teamviewer or something?



I can offer installation service if you’re interested in



Thanks for the offer, i know how to install this themes, but i cannot install it, and its very easy its seems a issue with the theme.


Hi @williamsnet666,

If you tried to upload your theme via FTP, there shouldn’t be a “Missing stylesheet” error. Please make sure to follow the article that @charlie4282 suggested:

If your web browser is automatically unzipping downloaded file, make sure to download “All files & documentation” file from your downloads list, so you can end up with bunch of directories that contain installable ZIP file among them:

No one has ever reported similar problem in the item comments section, but if you still fail to install the theme, consider contacting theme author for support (please note that installation service is not provided, but they may be able to track down the bug):



Did you check maybe is child theme and needs parent to be installed first.




Thanks for the help, i tried all solutions did you proposal here and there’s the same, i am not sure what i can do.

But the author dont reply my emails.

Anyelse could helpme please?


Hi @williamsnet666,

Considering the fact that the theme has been sold many times and noone reported the “Missing stylesheet” error before, it means that you may still be doing something wrong, and usually it’s because incorrect file is being uploaded. Additionally theme author had updated the theme recently and got several rejections by reviewer during the process, so they were able to install the theme every time it was sent to ThemeForest.

You may consider accepting installation service offer provided by @ki-themes few replies above, or hire a freelancer from Envato Studio.