Problems with theme provider

Hello! I hope I can ask this question here because I dont know another way.
I bought a Theme via Themeforest but after certain time the Theme Designer company disappeared, items on TF not available anymore and website of Theme Designer offline since weeks.

Since the recent Joomla Updates there are fatal errors happening and I have nobody to assist anymore. Does somebody have common experience and how to solve that the best way? The thing is: The website I did with this Theme is for a client, it costed hundreds of hours of working time to create all content.

Thanks for your opinion!

Regards, Nik

Sorry to hear that. I guess your best (and maybe the only?) option is to hire someone with Joomla templating experience to fix these errors.

As @phpmillion suggested, you will need to hire someone to fix the problem but if you consider it, I can provide paid support. In case of interest, just contact me