Problems with search... AGAIN!

Hi everyone! Why if I choose “Best march”, I see “trending items”? Anyway, if I choose any sorting I see trending items!
Also I’ve uploaded track yesterday, it placed last in queue on first page and then goes to second page. Of couse this track can’t see anyone!

When this problem will be solved, envato?

P.S.: sorry for bad english


Same here. Same with “top new files” :frowning:

Same here on ThemeForest. Searching for one word gives up totally different results. @BenLeong, can you guys investigate?

Same for “Best sellers” added “any day”

Same here. Filter not working. Proce low to high, high to low, etc.

Same problem here, the searching option “sort by” show the same result!

They are testing some things, as us when write songs, let Skynet work.

U’ll never know how the search ingine works! lol

We have the same problem, our item that was in first 3 position now is on 10 and the other items before are not similar for functions. This could ruin the sell.

Any update on this??

envato is keeping silence(

This is not the first time this happen. They are testing, 5 or 6 hours usually. That´s all.

Do you know is there any news from Envato Team about this problem? It’s very sad that there is any feedback from someone from Envato Team about this problem :frowning: :cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks everyone for reporting this! I have passed it along to the devs to investigate. Thanks for taking the time to report! :thumbsup:

UPDATE: Devs have already been working on this issue and it is now fixed. Due to caching, it may take up to a few hours for things to go back to normal on a few pages. We recommend you try a hard-refresh and, if that still doesn’t work, please wait a couple of hours and try again. Thanks for understanding and for your patience!


All fine now!! Thank you so much!

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Confirmed! Much love to you for reporting and to the devs for fixing it! :fist_right::fist_left: community bro fist! :laughing:


All perfect, now it works correctly! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


No, it is not working currently again(

Give it some time mate. Server cache! :slight_smile:

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