Problems with reviewers.

Hello! We try to start in ‘themeforest’, but the reviewers always are changed and want more and more strange remarks. So, now we have one issues that we can’t understand. We have been told 'Please make sure all default Theme Unit Test content is formatted properly.
example(s) and there are more: '. But we don’t have these bugs:
Also i’ve add that page into preview you can see.
Thank you!

Compare it with this one:
Make sure every listing and details works properly on every page/posts. If you’re 100% sure that it’s not a theme issue, add a note that they may need to clear the cache and re-install the theme from the beginning. Time to time, they’re viewing the old files so while uploading, change the theme file name as well

Check formatting in comments section (post with title like “Template: Comments”)

It might be on your CSS. try checking it using page. Currently, it is on a single page.

.post__content table <- what if it’s not inside post__content that might not work.