Problems with purchased products a seller themesic

I purchased many products from a seller called themesic. Due to the lack of support from Envato market, we need to research in-depth and read the reviews and comments from other buyers. I had a big issue with a product and the seller couldn’t fix for a year. Another product from the same seller crashes my perfect CRM. When I asked about the review of a product that was hidden, the seller appeared me rudely and said you are not my customer and didn’t purchase any product from us. I listed the products in the reply and the seller reported the comment and since then its is saying under review, why? The seller was responding badly and I was replying politely. Now Envato has blocked me from reviewing the products I purchased, why? The most low rated product’s reviews are deleted, why? and the review section is hidden, why? Is Envato market is trying to sell anything for commission? There should be review section for each product and users should be allowed to review the product. This is very bad practice. I have so many purchase from one single account.

Can you make review available so that I can share my experience to other please.