Problems with new update

I don’t know where to go for help. Since the new updated theme of Soldad, my website is screwed. Penci designs are impossible to reach. Who can help me?

Probably this is your theme -

And as I see, the author still provide support for this item (Included: 6 months support from PenciDesign). You should contact them for help -

In case that your support has expired (the 6 months has passed), you will need to extend support.

Thanks. Yes my 6 months have expired but nowhere on their website can I find a way to connect with them to buy extended support.

I clicked through the link you sent me and found that they want $43.13 for 6 months support. That is outrageous. They updated the theme and now my website is screwed up and I need to pay this much to get the problem fixed that they created. Ridiculous!

When you have buy template you have option for 17$ to buy 12 month support. If you dont want to pay 43$ for support how you will pay someone else to help you with your site? 40$ is 1 working hour .


I think you can post your query for primary discussion with them (theme author) about the issues. so that they can know and give you a guideline:


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