Problems with item support

Hi there. I am currently having a problem with an item I bought concerning item support. I bought the item last year and paid the support fee. I just renewed the fee on January this year and contacted the author about a problem with the item. The item is specifically “Support for Myway - Onepage Bootstrap Parallax Retina Template”. The problem is that the theme is not loading correctly under secure site (https) and I have to use it as unsecure site (http). They tried to help me and at the beginning they answered my questions and asked me to send my site for them to check it. They answered and sent me some new files but the problem was not solved. Since then they stopped answering me and I am starting to feel desperate about it. Can you help me?

You can get in touch with Envato Market Help and Support to let them know about your situation. Since your support extension is still active, the author must help you with these issues, otherwise you are entitled to a refund and the item in question will be disabled. Get in touch with Envato Support. It’s the best course of action!

I just bought a theme today and the goal was to get the site done or be close to finishing it this weekend. However, the theme won’t install. I sent a message to tech support but it says at least 4 days to get help. Looked like a cool theme but now I’ll need to see if I can get a refund. Disappointed about lack of support.

Support is not given by Envato, it is given by the author. From experience getting a 1-star rating hurts so leave the purchase and give a 1-star rating for this.

Unfortunately, not all authors are taking support seriously.