Problems with FREE WordPress Themes

Hello everyone, I’m not sure I’m posting this in the right place.

I have registered a few themes as “FREE WordPress Themes”. It helps more people access our theme.

But there is a problem: customers always imagine that they can use the theme for free forever. And they asked us to support everything. When we refused, they said we were scammers and wasting their time.

I know that not all customers are like that, but I meet quite a few. And I’m very upset. What should I do?

Here is an example:

Sorry but for customers like this, I hope he doesn’t buy the theme.

With that kind of knowledge, I was afraid to support him

All you can do is share a screenshot of where it says support and updates are not included and explain its envato’s marketplace policy.

FYI you offering support while an item is free to download is also beyond how things are meant to work.

This is a) in breach of your author agreement and b) only going to create bigger problems for you to enforce the proper limitations.

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Thank you,

It’s best if I say no support: “By downloading this item, you agree to the terms of the Regular License. Support and updates are not provided for free files.”