Problems with Fooddy 24/7 - Food Ordering & Delivery Theme

Hello everyone,
I do not know what has happened or how I can solve this problem.
We have this theme since May, at the beginning, when accessing the “pages” section, specifically the “home 1” page.
I could see and edit absolutely all the components, layouts etc that I had, in a very simple way with the WPBakery Page builder. However now when accessing home 1 it does not show me any component, in the “Essential Grid Custom Settings” section it is empty with the following text “No metas available yet”.
The only way to be able to edit the home1 from this section is to click on the “Classic Mode” button. There is only a code that is not very comprehensible, and it is not easy to edit, as it was before.
What could have happened? Thank you very much very much

You should contact the author, but at a guess I would suggest that you also need to make sure that you are using an up-to-date version of the plugins

This said you have no buyer badge on this account and the author will not be able to help without being able to verify the purchase. So you will need to login using the account which purchased the item first