Problems with an author. Does not respond to support tickets

Hello, I have been more than two weeks with several open tickets from the author aviators ( and does not respond

Hi @delunasoft,

We’re sorry to hear about the problems. I’m gonna tag @aviators to see if they can help.

In the meantime, can I ask you to check your e-mail SPAM folder? I know it’s a long shot, but sometimes replies end up there so it may look like there was no response at all.


It’s not on the spam tray.
In fact, this author uses a support application called ticksy and in open tickets there is no response.
In addition I have sent several messages using the contact form from his profile in and does not respond either.
I have also sent several emails to your support email account and also does not respond.
When I have addressed you it is because it is because I have no more ways

Thank you! I’m gonna tag @KingDog, he may be able to pass this information further.


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I’d always defend authors. I know you customers hehe :slight_smile: Maybe he’s just on vacation, give the man a break, wait a few days if you cannot solve that on your own. Thanks!

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Hi. We responded to all @delunasoft support tickets. Feel free to send their ticket IDs to double check. Thank you.

Yes, you have already answered me. Thanks for your interest

Glad to see you solved it guys :slight_smile: