Problems Updating Enfold via Personal Token


Hi… On the website of my client running Enfold when I check for updates with his personal token installed and validated I get this Error… How to solve…? Thanks

Errors occured checking on 2018/12/18 16:18:

  • Download Package URL: Errorcode 403 returned by Envato: Forbidden:
  • response_code: 403
  • reason: scope-missing
  • Download Package URL: A problem occured accessing your download link. Unable to perform update.



Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

I think you can get help from Enfold Author @Kriesi cause they are expert on their item/Enfold Theme.
This is your item support

How to contact any Item Author from Here

If they ask about purchase key then collect from Here

Still have any question open a Envato help ticket from Here



Error is on Envato side…


A scope-missing error is caused by the personal token not having proper permissions.

Try generating one with this link:


Thank you so much!!!