problems to find an audio

I have problems finding the audio files after downloading the demo.

I downloaded a demo now I have to buy, but through the code I can not find it.
How can I do ?



can you explain to me how did you research it?
I always have this problem.
if I do not sign the audio I can not find them anymore

you got the name of the author on the name file 22060509_corporate-pack_by_exclusive_music_preview

The author is Exclusive Music

Choose any track and replace the id of the desired track in the address bar.

22060509 - id

Excuse me. But it does not work for me.
I tried on Firefox, on Internet Explorer and on Chrome.
but nothing to do.

the letter " s " in the code to be replaced also need to be removed

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Ok. I get it. Thanks so much…

I entered the number in the search bar.

Thank you

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